What are the best treatments for Interstitial Cystitis?

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Interstitial Cystitis treatments
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IC Menu, Medication, Pain Meds, Bladder treatments & PT (if condition is not too advanced)

Posted Apr 12, 2017 by Jerri 400
Elmiron is helpful, but takes a while to work, and does not work for everyone. Bladder cocktails, or numbing medicine doctors can insert into your bladder via catheter. These contain different strength levels and you may be irritated when first receiving them. Hydrodistention procedure, in which they look in your bladder via scope and try to stretch your bladder. It hurts for a week or two, but in the long run it has helped!

Posted Oct 17, 2017 by ash 600
I have Hunner's ulcurs with my IC, so I have found that cystoscopy with hydrodestension to be an effective treatment because the bladder is hyper stretched while in surgery then they inject a coating that fills up all of the tears. While the treatments have lasted about 4 years at a shot, going under repeatedly has its risks. I have done rescue instills, which are not effective for me because I have an allergy to lidocaine- which means that I have no numbing agent in the cocktail. This pretty much leaves me in a ball of pain rather than relief. I have tried the pills, which have limited efficacy, which is not surprising since it is the primary drug in the rescue instill. I have done PT for pelvic floor and while this has helped to control the flow when I feel an urgency attack, it did nothing to help with the frequency.

Posted Jun 10, 2018 by SaraLouise 2500
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1 pill of Mutual CR 10 mg and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

Posted Jul 17, 2017 by Dany 2005
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Irrigations of Dimetil Sulfoxido
Irrigations hyaluronic acid
Flushes heparin
Botox intravesical

Posted Sep 2, 2017 by Ana 2358
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There is no better or worse treatment because the condition varies very much from person to person. It is best to seek a physician who understands well the condition is that you not give up to try several treatments to find the one most suited to your problem. The combination of multiple treatments in order to help much to improve one or another symptom, and for this the physician and the patient should have a good relationship to discuss the options that are available.

Posted Sep 30, 2017 by Taisa 400
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The facilities of heparin, sodium bicarbonate and lidocaine. Also, the tramadol is a pain reliever.

Posted Nov 23, 2017 by LPilar 2500

Interstitial Cystitis treatments

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Interstitial Cystitis stories
I have suffered from hormonal problems since I was 16 yrs old (1990) but got a PCOS diagnosis at almost 35 yrs old (2008). I also have problems with my thyroid and adrenal gland. I have suffered from chronic headaches since 2000 but started getting c...
Interstitial Cystitis stories
When I was younger my mom would take me to the ER because of my stomach pain the doctors would always say it was in my head.  After I got married and had our son 2 months early I had dysplasia. After 2 years of problems we thought was from my emerge...
Interstitial Cystitis stories
I have suffered with different forms of pelvic pain for over 36 years. I have interstitial cystitis, Vulvodynia & a few other pelvic problems. 
Interstitial Cystitis stories
In Sept of 1994 I woke up with a burning urethra and lower bladder pain. For the next several months I was on several antibiotics and had numerous tests done. In January of 1995 after a cystogram that showed Hunners Ulcers I finally had an answer. Be...
Interstitial Cystitis stories
Went to Emergency room thinking I had a UTI. When this became clear, they checked my uterus, and ran CT SCAN. Only found divuticulitus, thought it was in flamed, sent me home with antibiotics. Pain never went away, ended up with million dollar work o...

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