Communicating with other patients about this rare condition helps enormously.
Finally having an answer why I wasn't going through puberty like every else!
Over a year being on testosterone shots
I learned I had Kallmans at 13 or 14, and started on testosterone injections soon after.
Staying on reliable hormone replacement therapy
Starting Treatment, it would have been worse otherwise
I try to stay happy despite my health problems: true happiness is the state of your mind and inner self and it does not depend on external circumstances/Я стараюсь не терять радости, несмотря на болезнь
The diagnose. Finally I know what I really have.
Having great doctors always helps
Healthy eating had help me to control my weight, feel more energy.
Maintaining Contact with other sufferers via the Internet attending Kallmanns based Social meets
My friends, family and boyfriend being there for me
My family. They're always by my side
passive aggressive
Testosterone injections, giving me a taste manhood
Connecting to other people with K.S definitely helps
Hablar de mi enfermedad con mi familia y mis amigos.
Diagnosis. The knowledge that what was wrong with me had a name, meant I wasn't alone.
Depo testrone
whatever the problem, there is always a solution
Having been diagnosed early helped had time to face what was happening.
Medical monitoring with my endocrinologist who recommended a special diet and medication with drospirenone and ethinylestradiol.
Not having this cursed disease
Looking for suppourt
Access to experienced medical experts and other patients with the condition allows people to keep up to date with new treatment methods.
I give IM testosterone injections to myself every 2 weeks, which took about 5 years to completely 'finish puberty'.
My parents who get as much info as they can
I am married and went through fertility treatments, which were successful and as a result have a 14 year old son.
Not allowing Kallmann's Syndrome to define me
Talking to others with the same condition, on FB group for ex.
My wife and my friends support me/ Меня поддерживают жена и друзья
Tell my boyfriend (now my husband) about my problem and he accepted.
My family never understands me
Kallmann Syndrome group help me to know there is always someone like me.
Help and support from a few good friends in the KS community
Music, helping others and ASL
Putting a name to my condition. KALLMANN SYNDROME.
Meeting my wife and fellow K.S partner has been the biggest help
Saber que aunque no huelas, a veces puede ser un alivio. (Según lo que me han contado)
Being as open about my condition as possible.