Physical Therapy
Muscle relaxants (diazepam)
Acreditar que Deus existe.
Lo Primero fue la Exanguineo Transfusión
My cat
We didn't know kernicterus caused our son's CP until he was 13.
Tummy Time - lots of prone lying to help with head and neck control - SO ESSENTIAL
Conductive education - physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy
Um dia após a outro.
LaTerapia Física
My family and friends
Dystonia is horrible and life altering. It has been very difficult to manage.
Lots of water (way more than maintenance) to help a digestive tract that seems to be affected by the same movement disorders that we see on the outside.
Blended diet including adequate water amounts
Dou o melhor de mim.
La Operación de Nissen con Gastrostomia me ayudaron mucho en mi Alimentación
My fantasy life
We are hopeful Deep Brain Stimulators will provide some relief again. His first set get infected.