Pain and anti depressant medication and muscle relaxers
Stretching and massaging my neck and shoulder muscles every day.
Meditation helps me to manage pain
Massage Therapy
I have found that the more movement I do, the better I feel.
My faith in Jesus
My bi-pap machine and oxygen condenser
acceptance, knowing my limits
giving me gabapentin to stop the burning in my legs.
support from family
The University of Washington hospital and Clinics are amazing
pain management center
Pain management relaxation techniques
Learning to Pace my activities
pain pump
pain pump
regelmäßige Reha-Maßnahmen, die mir immer wieder sehr gut tun!
My family support
I have a solid support system.
I attend physio regularly. This helps to keep me moving and decreases my pain
My parents and relatives did a painstaking and constant work on me when I was a kid
becoming aware of the situation and reading a lot of information
A great Physical Therapist, stretching, water exercise.
The pain medication is the best at preventing pain and stopping it once it has started.
My husbabd
I purchased a Homedics back massager and have it set up on a chair for when I need it, its fantastic.
Botox injections for migraines
Finding a doctor with knowledge of klippel Fiel Syndrome c
After 6 months with a serotonin Modulator spray I was ready to go back to work
Encontrar medicos que me hablen claramente, pero que tengan empatia y respeto con la informacion que me proporcionan.
Ibuprofen or acetaminophen
Sapere che ci sono altre persone al mondo con la mia stessa sindrome
Infancia sin diagnóstico
La kinésithérapie soulage un peu l'ankylôse
Finding a doctor who knows and understands what is going on.
My family have been very supportive
3-fache Operationen Sprenglsche Deformietät
Muscle relaxers
topical creams
heat and massage
Wearing a hearing aide and using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.
Need to stretch my back
I have found that a good support system with compassionate and understanding people can move mountains!
Unconditionally loving family n friends
Tramadol and gabapentin