Pacing myself has been a good thing.
Quitar el miedo, que este diagnóstico es el fin de mi vida
Ser paciente y perseverante. Hay días que son difíciles, pero soy joven y me queda mucho camino por recorrer para poder alcanzar mis metas.
Having a great support network in my family but also being an advocate for myself and making sure others understand what Lupus is.
Havin an ubderstanding Employer
Staying Positive
Accepting my condition
Support of my Husband who has been unwavering in his support.
Finding the right medication (Azathroprine, in combination with low dose steroids and Xentiva).
Healthful diet w/ lots of fruits, veggies, water, green tea
Diagnosis is the must
rest when you should
Having three healthy children whist in remission
finally being able to work part time with special needs young adults.
Join Facebook groups
My pets allways make me feel better
Zonisimide changed my life
cinryze best thing that happened to me.
35 years of nursing helps me feel better. Kind of ironic isn't it a life of helping others get better, helps me now.
Young Living Essential Oils really help ease my pain.
symptom control
Rituxan Infusion
Strict gluten free diet
Cambiar mi alimentacion
Accept the "new" YOU. The things you were able to do but not any more will be "replaced "with the new way of doing it. Accept that.
methotrexate injections weekly (lowered pain).
Family support
always being positive
Remaining positive even when your situation isn't
Encontrar um médico pesquisador da patologia
My friends who support me
El apoyo de mi familia, especialmente mi esposo e hijo y mis padres.
Stopped Eating Processed Foods
Minha família foi essencial, sem eles não estaria ainda aqui.
Coconut oil for brain fog everydau
Making foof
to accept the disease
Gamunex C
Celebrex, an antiinflamatory.
Meu marido
meus animais
Getting out and walking.
Traditional Chinese Treatment to treat kidney disease.