Jenna takes Verapamil to help control her headaches and Reglan when she gets a bad Migraine.
My husband helped me and was by my side throughout everything he's my rock
My Faith in Christ
I now have an insulin pump. (For the last 15 years)
my faith
my faith
Increasing the amount of water I drink on daily basis
Surgery May 19, 2016
Beautiful family
Had first surgery in 2015
Positive attitude and education on the disease
having a lot of rest
Speach therapy
Stress makes my condition escalate.
Aqua physical therapy
Drinking Gatorade
Jesus Christ
Moyamoya is a strggle
2 strokes before final diagnoses
Yoga and meditation for headaches
I am a MoyaMoya warrior.
Working has helped me feel better.
I have Ascal Persantin Simvastatine Natr.Chronovalpreparaat Candersartan
My family and my partner fighting beside me
Coumading started taking it since the Diagnose and I am feeling great
Understand my limits.
My family has always been there for me. They are a source of strength.
My son is my Cheerleader
My Husband
I have a great Endocrinologist.
good friends, family
good friends, family
Trying to avoid all situations where my blood pressure goes up or down
Unilateral right side diagnosis
I have more neurological problems than I had before surgery
Having good health care
having a good support system that understands my needs
Having great doctors
The wait and see approach is the only thing the insurance industry likes to hear
low toxin diet
Surgery in Sept. 2016
Not forcing myself to do things that I used to be able to fo, but am unable now.
There isn't enough information about this disease.
My husband going to the gym with me helps me.
I have aphasie my right arm and legg are affected
My family and I are fighting to make everyone more aware about Moya Moya Disease