Herbs really work well instead of other things
Try not to gain too much weight.
Exercise regularly
Treatment and the encouragement to keep as mobile/ active as possible.
Keep active, do as much as you can as often as you can
Stay active - I am a carpenter
I am working on a non-profit research project. I have been actively involved with AMDS (India)’s “parents/patients’ project” over the past 20 years. There I have closely seen and experienced how difficult it is for parents/caregivers to take care of a rar
Ser obtimista, reírse de la vida, no lamentarse.
MDA Camp is my favorite thing to do. I can be my self with other kids like me.
Having morphine for pain relief
Still looking for things that make me feel better!!
meine Eltern
mes etudes universitaire m'on donner le courage de supporter ma maladie !
Doing things to take my mind off of my medical condition
La música
Your family is most important than anything else
You will get frustrated and angry with progression, talk to someone!
Parents provide support when needed.
Keep your weight down moving is hard enough and it's easy to gain excess weight
My wife supports me
Lack of relevant information, medical support, guidance, etc. makes the situation even worse for patients and parents/caregivers in India.
Hacer deporte, aunque sea poca cosa.
My parents support me in my pursuit of my dreams.
My wife helps me when down
Trying to find help to combat some of my symptoms!!
mein Freund
ma maman toujours elle est avec moi !
My supportive wife and kids
Mi familia
Get around those people who encourages you up
If you need help, ask. No matter what it is.
Pay attention when it hurts don't ignore it or push through it, treat the pain take it easy let yourself recover before going on.
I walk and have well fitted shoes - the most important thing is I know my limits and that keeps me healthy
Collaboration between researcher, clinician and patients is utmost important.
Hacer las cosas como una persona sana.
I am now part of coding club that I enjoy because I want to create video games someday.
Having my daughter
viel Eiweiß
espoir et la conviction , j'ai decider de combattre contre la maladie ,,,,
exercising within my ability
Mis amigos