Stories of Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis stories
A finales del año 2008, pacientes, familiares, amigos y entre otros interesados en el tema de la MIASTENIA, deciden reunirse y formar una asociación, con el objetivo de apoyar y prestar ayuda a los personas con Miasténia en todos...
Myasthenia Gravis stories
    My Myasthenia Gravis Story                                                       ...
Myasthenia Gravis stories
I was dianogned at the age of 12 in 1989 at Kaiser in Fonatana, Ca, there first patient I believe and I was dianosged withthin weeks of going by 2 new doctor's right out of school, Dr.Wu and Dr. B leong, which still works there and has treated my old...
Myasthenia Gravis stories
sept 99 woke up with dbl vision, over the next 3 months progressed to generalised mg level 3 . put on mestinon ,usless, 6 months latter crises in hospital , ivig started prednisone at 75 mg /eod. over the next few months seveal more ivig breathing st...

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