Apoyar a mi hijo en todo
He cambiado toda mi alimentación, y mi dieta es principalmente vegetariana, para alcalinizar el cuerpo.
Positive attitude
team inspire community
Support from friends and family
Medical cannabis cured my Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor
I have 2 kids with the condition
Family I have great support from my friends and family
I also have pheochromocytoma w/ mets to bones. My story is on FB #THCvsPheoCancer
I'm just really truly realizing I need to look into this.
Medical Marijuana Helps With My Pain.
I have a gf who also has NF1 and understands how it can affect people
My kids.
Rituxin Infusions q 4 months
I'm from altoona pa
Been working out for my kids
Comenzar a hacer los controles periodicos en el hospital Garrahan de Bs As e ingresar al SERVICIO DE PALEATIVOS DEL HOSPITAL DE NIÑOS DE TUCUMÁN.
My vhikdren
Acceptance. Accepting my disability and how it will affect my life has really helped. This isn't a cold or flu that I can get over, this is my life forever.
My dogs
I'm not alone.
Find the right health care professionals and stay on top of things
my brother and his endless support
Great team of Dr's. Finding the right surgeries and medicines.
Faith in God
Knowing that you are not alone
APAP/CPAP Therapy for moderately severe Sleep Apnea. ❤
Lower left amputation
Difficultés de concentration et de mémorisation
Mi estado no ha evolucionado, ni empeorado respecto mi enfermedad
Nothing no meds have helped me with any of my issues
No detenerme o limitarme en cuanto a la búsqueda de información sobre la condición
He introducido a mi dieta el aceite de cáñamo y consumo marihuana para relajar el sistema nervioso.
Excellent support from my wife and family.
The NHS in the UK
My family supported me through 9 surgeries and radiation treatment
Knowing there are others out there. Not that they are worse off but it's good to know there are other ppl tgat are just like me
I am a legal mmj patient, and I use amino acids and supplements to treat all the symptoms. #ChronicPainAndPharmaFree
I have been in denial of it.
Creating/ generally being creative
Wish there were a cure.
My friends are supportive of me having it
My wife.