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Niemann-Pick Disease diet

Is there a diet which improves the quality of life of people with Nie...

Couple and Niemann-Pick Disease

Is it easy to find a partner and/or maintain relationship when you hav...

History of Niemann-Pick Disease

What is the history of Niemann-Pick Disease?

Living with Niemann-Pick Disease

How to live with Niemann-Pick Disease? Can you be happy living with Ni...

Stories of Niemann-Pick Disease

Niemann-Pick Disease stories
My name is Dylan,  I am the father of Amber Ashlee Jelsma who passed away on 10/10/2013.
Niemann-Pick Disease stories
My name is April.  I am 34 and live in the San Antonio, Texas area.  I was born with Niemann Pick Type B (ASMD).  I was diagnosed at Loma Linda in California when I was 2 while in the hospital with Mono.   I had multiple surgeries...
Niemann-Pick Disease stories
Me chamo Rosangela, sou mãe de uma portadora de NIemann Pick tipo B, ela tem 14 anos, moramos no Brasil. Ela tem o sintomas desdes os 4 anos de idade, mas somente aos 8 anos tivemos o diagnostico de NPB, desde então não fazemos ...
Niemann-Pick Disease stories
Haven was diagnosed at 4 mos. with Niemann-Pick Type A. He passed away at 14 mos. 

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