Botox every three months
My incredible acupuncturist
Physical therapy, daily exercise
Doing a pain management course
Ice pack
Keeping a pain diary, detailing - triggers, pain levels, symptoms and other information.
Topamax and Pregabalin daily
Occipital nerve excision
Having an MVD!
Nerve Decompression Surgery (Posterior)
Excision of peripheral nerves in the occipital area, temporal area, and right eye
Nerve blocks helped very short term and provided the diagnosis of Occipital Neuralgia
Meditation has helped to calm me during the most painful moments of this disease.
horse are my therapist , my physio and lower my pain better than morphine. o do pain mangement too
Herbals, supplements and detox
LOTS of rest
Drinking 2 litres of an electrolyte replacement a day plus water
Botox every 3 months to the day
Fioricet with codeine for the occipital neuralgia
Time and Love with my pets
nerve blocks are my live changer
Ice pack
Support from My familly
Pain Management Doctor and his professional experience.
My Lumbar-Periotoneal Shunt has made a HUGE difference..
Implanting a neurostimulator.
Deep message therapy once a week
My Neurostimulator implant has helped cut down on the amount of narcotic pain meds I need.
Nerve block
Peripheral nerve surgery- decompression of occipital nerves by Dr. Ducic
Occipital Neuralgia, Migraines with Aura
Wonderful Facebook online support groups
Botox needles in forehead every 2-3 months
Icing! My IceKap is a lifesaver
Resting on my side
Dr Terry Muldoon for his care and consideration over the years at his pain clinic
using ice pack and taking benadryl
A combination of Oxtellar XR and gabapentin
Currently going to Atlas Spinal Care, where they manually put my daughters C1 back into place and in turn corrects the C2 where the nerves are compressed
Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.