Physically Therapy
Stay active
Lots of exercise
Joining a Facebook Group where I can chat with other caregivers
Not getting stressed
This website. It feels good to know I am not alone. I did not know my difficulty climbing stairs was attributed to OPMD.
My volunteer work keeps me going because others rely on me, I have to push myself.
Excepted disease live day by day and stay positive
mild exercise-including water aerobics
Having doctors that trust, believe and respect me.
Chin dip and to the left has helps swallowing
God looks after me
Accepté ma maladie
understanding my condition
Surgery to correct eyes that were crossing
Positive attitude
Eye surgery
Changes in life style, retired
Rest often
Taking vitamin D
Ptosis Surgery
Taking part in a regular exercise routine and swimming
Think always positive
Even though frustrating when people can't understand, its kind of nice to blend with the general public with my dark glasses and choosing the elevator occasionally instead of the stairs.
Keeping up to date on things and connecting on forums and facebook for OPMD specific topic.
I like the and CBS oil
Be sure and see doctor if any indication of pneumonia or lung related issues.
The emotional and way too often physical support I receive from my family and friends.
Flus and other viruses causes huge setbacks
my family are my inspiration
Partager information dans le forum
My Family
Watching what foods I eat
Family support
Changes in diet
Don't overdo it
Talking to others who are affected
Moving to the beach where there is less stress and an apartment more suited to our physical abilities
Have hope in having a cure very soon
Talking about "it" with family and friends.
Swallow therapy, some physical therapy, staying up and active as much as possible. My ptosis crutch glasses.
I've excepted my limitations
Go to speech therapy