Dry weather
Rodding surgery and proper treatments made life with OI better.
Starting the pamidronate treatment, I've not had a complicated break for 5 years now
My chronic pain doctor actually listens to me.
I take risedronate for my OI.
Stay positive.
Zometa treatments
my son and my daughter
Be active
Good support system
15 fractures
Dogs, they make sure that I stay active no matter if I am in pain or not.
I don't let anything stop me.
Respect your limitations. Expand them gently.
Total knee replacement
being positive
Hacer actividad fisica hidroterapia
20+ broken bones
Started using my wheelchair if there is a lot of walking required.
Keep moving
Finishing work
Finishing work
Yoga helps me with my normal aches and pains
Enjoy meeting others with OI
Nature Made Calcium with vit-D, magnesium and zinc taken daily.
It helped me a lot when I found out that I had osteogenesis imperfecta. The VOI (the Dutch organisation for people with OI) gave me an extra family.
Bisphosphonate treatment
My relationship with Jesus.
60 zlomenin
OI Goes back in my family for hundreds of years
Calcium and Vitamin D supplements helped increase my bone density
Pamedronate infusions helped increase bone density
pain medication
My family and friends support ........
Amitryptiline for chronic pain
When I can do aqua/pool therapy it lessens my chronic pain the most.
To meet other moms with very severe children
Coaching sports
My family and friends ,being so supportive, love me as I'm.
Meeting other people, boys and girls, in the same situation as I am in
Thinking of all the things that go along with OI as dis-ease instead of disease.
I look after my mental health as it is just as important as physical health.
Don't drink and smoke or do drugs. We already have enough problems and this just adds to them.