Positive attitude.
Routine helps me deal with emotional stress
My walk spiritually has been what has helped me the most!
Hormone replacements, including HGH and last year, testosterone for women.
Being in Thyroxine
Having a doctor able to diagnose me!
Correct amounts of replacement hormones
Ice cold water
Learning to listen to my body
A supportive husband.
Willpower; mind over matter.
Growth Hormone
Hydrocortisone and making sure I take extra when stressed or sick
Believing in myself.
Growth hormone
The implant of a morphine pump to reduce the pain in my legs.
Sustained release hydrocortisone
İlaçları düzenli kullanmak ve daima araştırma yapıp doğru tedavi yöntemlerini uygulamak
I am glad that I have a medical background
Stick to a strict schedule of when meds are given
Taking my meds on time.
Not overdoing it
The MAGIC Foundation
Make sure you learn how to do emergency injections
Having a good relationship with my endocrinologist
Adult Growth hormone injections, daily - made a huge difference to my body shape and given me more energy, still need more but its better than it was!!
Switching from Prednisone to Hydrocortisone reduced side effects.
I was on gh when I was 12 but they took me off when I reached 5'1-3/4". Back on 15 years ago, best thing ever!
Being diligent with Medications
Getting out of the house to volunteer
Growth Hormone Nutripin
Hipofiz sapı tümörü (Kraniofaranjiom) operasyonu - 2013
Ask your endocrinologist when you should take a "stress dose" of your corticosteroids!
My son has the condition
Growth hormone
Having a supportive family is key
Balanced life, diet, sports and meds of course
Properly selected hormonal therapy. Take your pills on time.
Great support system(mom and husband)
Higher dose of hc in morning
Nutropin helped immensly for fatigue and clearer thinking.