Do I have Parkinson?

How do I know if I have Parkinson?

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What signs or symptoms may make you suspect you may have Parkinson. People who have experience in Parkinson offer advice of what things may make you suspicious and which doctor you should go to to receive treatment

Do I have Parkinson?

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Parkinson stories
 I am a wife, mother and grandmother born in 1949. I was diagnosed in 2004 by a Neurologist and a Neurologist- Movement Specialist. Going back through my medical records, I had tremors since 1987. I have dystonia of the feet and calves as well. ...
Parkinson stories
7/10 2011 hade jag legat 2 dygn på lasarettet i Kalix då jag svimmat några ggr under dagen, de trodde jag haft en stroke först men efter undersökningar kommit fram till att det inte var det jag hade. Jag började skak...
Parkinson stories
I am writing about and for my husband who has PD and possibly MSA. He was diagnosed in Jan 2015. We have learned a lot this year and continue to do so as we take this journey together. He has OrthoStatic Hypotension which keeps him guessing what will...
Parkinson stories
I was 24 when I had my first symptoms ( can't sleep at night, eye tremor just to name a few). I blamed it on being a new Mom. I had Tourette's as a child I thought maybe that had something to do with it. After I had my last child in 2003 the Parkinso...
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