I was at my best when I was on Rituxan
Pem friends
The right doctor
Stopped drinking diet coke.
Dexamethasone mouth rinse - hold in mouth for 5 minutes, swish and spit
Early diagnosis and treatment; dexamethasone rinse, fluocinonide gel.
I stopped taking an a.c.e. inhibitor ( high blood pressure medication )
Tobramycin for my eyes.
Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder
Resting in the darkness in a quiet environment.
Finding a support group on Facebook.
Getting my diagnosis ment the start of treatment, so that was a good thing
Getting a diagnoses
After 2 years of not knowing what is going on, a somewhat firm diagnosis
Finding the dentist who recognized the symptoms and directed me to the proper physician for a diagnosis and treatment.
Anxiety medication
Father 90 has pemphigoid, suffering 2 years
Father 90 has pemphigoid, suffering 2 years
Les informations sur internet ont grandement aidé
One year of Dapsone and Gabapentin helps
Soothe eyedrops are a godsend to lubricate my eyes..
Finding a Dermatologist that understands what this is
Flossing and brushing even though it is painful and bloody.
A big list of soft foods that are not spiced. Plain butter and a little salt is the best things for your mouth
Less stress
Changing my diet; gluten free, low acid, avoiding spicy food.
I take a multivitamin pack each day that includes supplements for hair and skin .
Body lotion with aloe seemed to keep the skin lesions healed quickly, and itched less.
Ice packs
Procain-Basen-Infusionen (NaHCl 80 ml/ Procain 1% 8 ml)
Gathering information from the Internet.
Rituximab gave me back my energy!
Learning how to treat it
Starting Prednasone at 60mg
Finding a sight where other persons with the disease are informative and supportive. Pempigoid society
Facebook group for MMP
Too many other afflictions to take affective drugs
Too many other afflictions to take affective drugs
Aucune recherche sur le pemphigoide cicatricielle oculaire n'est faite au Canada
Husband is extremely important help to me
Being open about what this disease is and how it effects me..
My awesome group on Facebook, being able to talk to others with the disease when is very helpful
Taking my meds, maybe
Most OTC mouthwash and toothpaste have chemicals that will agitate the MMP. An organic toothpaste of products by Dr. Katz will help keep things calm.
Dr. Foster in Boston and Rituxan