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Is Pemphigus hereditary?

Is Pemphigus hereditary?

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Stories of Pemphigus

Pemphigus stories
In April, 2012 I saw my dentist about a sore which didn't heal and was given antibiotics. When these made no difference, I went back to the dentist. She seemed unsure what to do and I pushed for an investigation, saying "Are you sure it's not cancer?...
Pemphigus stories
I was diagnosed with Bullous Pemphigoid in 2008. Now in remission after treatment for 2 years at OHSU with Prednisone, Tetracycine and Cellcept.
Pemphigus stories
Diagonsed with Lupus originally, but the medicines were not working.  After 4 skin biopsies, PE was confirmed.  I've been through Imuran, CellCept, Plaquenil, Dapsone, and Plaquenil/Dapsone combined.  Have been on steriods since confir...
Pemphigus stories
I was diagnosed with the disease in 2012, by a eye doctor in Greenville SC. He referred me too Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, my doctors are Dr Feldman (Derm) and Dr Dholakia (Optomoligist), I have had seven treatments of Rituxamab ove...
Pemphigus stories
Not unlike other patients, I fist had what I thought was an insect bite.  Then it grew and grew on upper back till I was covered in 3" blisters. Went to Bevelry Hills dermatologist. Misdiagnosed for 4 months.  Blood tests said PV; biopsy sa...

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