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Gave chronic pain medication a chance; Nortriptyline changed my life.
Now that it's happened, I know the steps it would take to get myself the care I need in a timely manner if it were to happen again.
Friends and family support during the whole stay at the hospital (initial admission for thoracostomy/drainage then perioperative phase)
For the first 6 months after my surgery, I took it easy. I didn't lift heavy objects, if it hurt, I didn't do it!
Being as active as I can helps deal with the pain.
family have helped me
Acceptance & Perseverance (both a lifelong process)
When my chest hurts, I stop what I'm doing and take deep breaths. The fact that I can do that makes me feel better, and the pain subsides.
Physiotherapy exercises sessions. With a professional first, then on my own
My family was a huge support. They just don't understand the fear you live with after this disease affects you.
Positive thoughts
staying active has helped me alot
Staying active. Having dogs helps with this.
Having people aware that it happened helps me feel more secure. They would know that it's a serious thing and could help me if my other lung were to collapse.
I have started working out, finally! It's been 1 1/2 years. My doctor initially told me not to do anything that would increase my intrathoracic pressure. I.e. No crunches. Well I'm doing good with my exercises. I take it easy.
Emotional support from my family