Finally giving in and taking Fluoxetine
My very supportive husband & my children ❤
Mindfulness course to help me establish 'what I need' in moments of anxiety/anger
Tracking my period with
Taking Fluoxetine
Knowledge of this illness
Birth control
Working out and eating healthy
My partner being the constant support I need and doing so much research
Birth control, not continuous, has at least cleared up my physical symptoms
Full hysterectomy plus oopherectomy
Regular yoga
Took a less stressful job.
Joining an online group
Self Care
Keep away from difficult people
40mg Fluoxetine daily
YAZ birth control
Didn't notice the pattern to my misery, even after 7 years, until my husband until my husband pointed out out. Nice to know I wasn't imagining it.
4 months of 5htp, Angus cactus,b6,epo
Supportive husband
Macca powder helpful
Anti depressants - fluoxetine working for me
Three monthly Decapeptyl injections
Ask for help when you need it
Listening to loud music and dancing along when I feel low
Main treatment 60mg of Prozac
Five months on setraline (zoloft) 50mg.
Personal Development books
Yaz birth control, skipping right through the sugar pills on to the next pack
Following the potatoes not prozac diet
Regular Yoga classes every week, sometimes attending twice in my bad weeks.
Despite the side effects, Prozac keeps me from losing my shit.
The boring basics - but the most importent. Eating healthy. I eat good carbs, high fiber and Clean Foods.
no more alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, dairy, gluten, or soy
I had a LAH/BSO
Realizing I am not alone
Having a good caring doctor familiar with treating TN, and knows the limitations of their ability.
Support group on Facebook
I don't make any decisions at that time
Riding my horse, if I can make myself do it.