Hope matters!
My Faith in God
Having speech, physical and occupational therapy come to my home.
Getting the correct diagnosed helped.
Occupational han physical therapy helped with gait and balance
Dad loved Being with Family and not left alone
My mom is fighting back. She was just confined for 2 months in the hospital. She woke up from comatose. God is GREAT!
I Created the italian group on Facebook to help people with Psp
Family support
working out
iPad apps for speech - Verbally and UrVoice
Not knowing what it was for 6 years... My daughter and I kept believing we could get me stable and kept trying new things.
Regular physical and speech therapy, and hydrotherapy
My faith in Jesus Christ
Using an IPAD to keep my brain active
Assistance when transitioning from chair to wheelchair or potty has decreased falls.
We have not found anything that works successfully.
PSP, I truly believe... Is caused by exposure to metal, some are perhaps not candidates. That's what I feel!
Meine Liebe zu meinem Mann, das alles zu ertragen
having support from carers and social work from the start
Feeding tube (PEG)
Speech therapy
CurePSP is an international non-profit organization- what helps the most are support groups
Support from blogging on web pages
Physical therapy for balance helped immensely.
Stem cell treatments every six months
My husband passed on June 15 2015 from psp. He was my soul mate and best friend.
i have been on cardoba-levapoda and donezipri for 5 yrs.
Regular physical therapy, speech therapy
Atropine eye drops under the tongue to decrease drooling
Donezepil/ Aricept improved speech patterns
Patience as my mom fought till her last breathe.
Exercise program has helped keep him moving.
Physical therapy is essential with psp
I am not sick, my friend has psp
Occupational and physical therapy helped me improve stregnth in my legs and learn new techniques to cope with the disease early on.
Keith did speech therapy and it has helped with swallowing
Meditation & relaxation techniques
The affected person is my partner and me, Marrianne, is caring him at home
Buen cuidado de caregiver
El amor