My specialist is really good always explains thing n fights for the right meds
Biological treatment
Relationship w God
AIP diet
Hydrotherapy and swimming
I stopped taking prescription medicines and started the path of natural healing through changing my diet and life style.
Raising my ph
UVB therapy
Change diet. No Meat. No gluten. No lactose.
my children keep me strong.
control emotion
Using probiotics
healthy food
Coconut oil & Eucerin Lotion as moisterizers
Currently being on Humira
Essential oils
juice plus capsules
Ignoring ignorant people
Help and support from friends and family
crema de galbenele
seaside....beach sand and salt waterblu
Encontrar um médico atencioso
i have yet to find what is going to work for me. Medications wise. We are doubling my Remicade to 10 mg this week.
You are not alone.
Joining support groups for psoriasis has greatly helped me cope.
Light therapy for three months, 99% cleared
Methotrexate and Humira
Walking my dog
Starting methotrexate helped reduce plaques for a year, Cyclosporin needs to be at max level
The strength the Lord gives me.
The strength the Lord gives me.
I can cure all process and signs from psoriasis and eczema problem
Losing decent amount of weight improved self esteem.
Mental Behavioral Congitive Therapy
Biologic agents are working fine ( Enbrel - Humira)
Since we have started drinking Kangen Water we have regained our health and feel more energy than ever.