The finding of a decent doctor is without a doubt the most important part of feeling better
NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! A cure is just around the corner! ¡NUNCA PIERDAS LA ESPERANZA! Una cura está a la vuelta de la esquina!
Fazer tratamento em centro de referencia com médicos especialistas
Sou coordenadora do Grupo de Apoio de Hipertensão Pulmonar do ABC/SP, da ABRAF
Minha família foi essencial, sem eles não estaria ainda aqui.
el positivismo
Losing decent amount of weight improved self esteem.
Communication with other patients
Support of family
A month of taking Gabapentin
Try to avoid extremes of any kind: temperatures, movements, activities, numbers of people etc. I have a lot of trouble with temperature, esp. hot and humid weather in summer, so I go out for fresh air for just an hour or two only in the early morning and/
My children
Increased water intake
High blood pressure runs in the family
Inició su atención en el Instituto Nacional de Cardiología en donde los doctores la atendieron desde su inicio de la enfermedad
Getting the correct medication
Take your medications as ordered by your doctor(s) Tome sus medicamentos según lo ordenado por su médico(s)
Changing my life's perspective to more positive spiritual view
Aceitar a minha atual condição e viver a vida
Tomo Bosentana, Sildenafil e Iloprost
Equipe médica que me atendeu, e a que me atende hoje foram as melhores possíveis.
Lung exercise machine.
My husband that supports me and helps me with everything.
Appropriate Medication
Availability of treatment
New bi pap
My son who keeps me going
To avoid aggravating a migraine, stay away from bright sun with hats, sunglasses (even in the house, yup!) and close shutters. Put up a Migraine in Progress sign to remind others to reduce volume and stress.
My faith
Taking CoQ10
It went out of control after I had an adult MMR
A pesar de contar con el triple tratamiento a nivel mundial para la HAP, la enfermedad no ha parado su curso y ha ido evolucionando muy rápido.
The support of my friends
Exercise Do what you can to help your body keep in shape. Your medications will work better. Ejercicio Haga lo que pueda para ayudar a su cuerpo a mantener en forma. Sus medicamentos funcionarán mejor.
One day at a time
Medicação Riociguat (Adempas)
Estou na fila de transplante pulmonar
Aceitar a doença, fazer o tratamento correto e ter muita fé, de que tudo vai dar certo, é a melhor coisa.
Wonderful support from my hubby.
Happiness of having grandchildren!
Appropriate Diagnosis
Correct diagnosis
Being in contact with others with this condition
I try to use distraction techniques when I'm struggling through pain or feeling anxious. Listen to podcasts, audiobooks etc to avoid need for hands to be up and aching holding a book. Or distract with other senses by using essential oils etc