Lots of rest.
Heat helps ear/jaw/tooth pain
Eating organic fruit and vegetables, juicing, targeted nutrition plus herbs and supplements to support immune system and fight shingles virus.
Getting out and walking.
Botox - helped with my eye continually closing
IV Acyclovir
Getting plenty of rest
Vestibular therapy
Vestibular Therapy for Balance
Limiting movement helps the balance disorder.
Gluten Free and Nearly Vegan Diet, Oral and topical Acyclovir
When I had my surgery at the best ear surgeon in DK, my condition finally healed - but then came back 17 years later
Wanting to live to see my grandchildren grow up.
Valtrex and valtrex cream works wonders if the blisters are external
Wearing swimming goggles in the shower so I could wash my hair.
get treatment early so no permanent damage
The correct medications immediately
Stress/sickness bring on relapse
stress management and meditation
Visco tears, the best eye drops on the market, still using them today
Cold wash cloth to the face
Heatpad for those days when your ear aches
Stretching the facial muscles on the affected side of my face.
Occupational and Physical Therapy to retrain gait, and PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR
My spiritual belief
Learning patience is a virtue, it's a long road.
stay away from people can be contagious
Lowering stress level
Not on steady prescription, Advil works better than Tylenol.
Being as active as possible with walking, hiking, gentle exercise. Being out on new and
Getting back to normal life as quickly as you can, also exercise
Nutritionist - no sugar, gene variant Vit b absorption
Vitamins such as Lysine, Vitamin B and Zinc
Home schooled to reduce stress, pacing myself, acceptance of current condition in the moment
It's ok to be upset, but things do improve.
Get prednisone medication
being active