Excellent reumatoloog
Listening to my body
Several treatments but always with side effects. Most of them severe side ee.
A travel pillow with a hole in the center helps ears tremendously when I sleep!
My son has felt better since getting OFF Prednisone.
Plenty of Sleep
Making sure I rest.
Getting a diagnosis and begin treatment
So far all medication has not worked
Cyclophosphamide brought my RP under control
Get a positive support system (let go of those who cannot add to your life)
Predisone: Pro:helps with the inflammation of eyes, ear, joints (most of the time); Con: Weight gain, higher sugar levels, Afib, mood swings.
Finding doctors who are willing to fight for you.
Low Dose Naltrexone Is a fabulous alternative medication.
Regular steroids
Hot Epsom salt baths
Yoga and exercise keep me healthy and my symptoms down
Currently on methotrexate down to 30 units
1 year of steroids and methotrexate has controlled most of my symptoms
Controlling inflammation
It took me 17 years to get diagnosed and I have ear, nose, tracheal and heart involvement.
Experienced Autoimmune Sufferer
Prednisone helped flares
daily exercise
On weekly methotrexate injections and it's better but still having flares
To have been diagnosed at last in september 2017 after years of wondering whats wrong with me
To have been diagnosed at last in september 2017 after years of wondering whats wrong with me
Pose stent
Finally i found a doctor who is precisely diagnosed my symptoms
Seven months of methotrexato and two months of adalimumab
Diary free
Eating healthy
Lots of rest
Managing stress
CBD oil
Accepting I need rest and self care helps me deal with RP.
Changed my diet
Asking questions
Mostly alone dealing with my problem. No real support since mom passed away.
Thinking I will beat this battle, might come out with wounds only not to forget where I was to where I will be.
Reduced Stress