Healthy diet
Warmer weather
Less processed foods and less carbs, trying to follow an anti- inflammatory diet
Cure de cyclophosfamide
Self advocating
My family and friends support.
Staying positive
I feel much better when is warm at sea
Learning to pace myself
Exercise, even short walks
Prednisone even though I have a love/hate relationship with it.
Concerted effort to be more active
Discipline with medication
Don't be afraid to confront your physician when you don't agree with what he is prescribing/not prescribing
Taking my tablets on time every day
Meditating twice a day
Giving up work
Diagnosed 1991
My supply of Oxygen in the home.
Azathioprine put my sarcoid into remission but was on it for 5 years.
Lots of rest
My bi-ventricular pacemaker/ICD saved my life and continues to make me feel better.
Massages of my neck, shoulders and back. Try to find a massage school where they have great pricing!!!!
Divorce unsupported ex-husband and married high school sweetheart!
handwarmers helt to my face in a soft mitt.
My husband and daughters love and understanding
The Royal Brompton hospital
Prednisolone, unfortunately...
a doctor that pushed for a diagnosis
Comer comida sana
Avoid stress is really essential. If you can make it, it's the most important thing
Regular gentle exercise
Remicade infusions
Methotrexate is my saved my life.
Prednisolone has controlled coughing and flare ups but has some side effects
Turemic helps with inflamation
Sugar free/low carb diet
Avoid stressful situations.
So far remicade has helped tremendously I'm not on steroids anymore !
Three & a half years on gradually reduced Prednisone, despite bad side effects.
Stay active and exercise. My dogs have been crucial to this!
All my family are supportive
Music that I listen to.
Acthar injections made a life altering difference.
My mother's example with coping: supper always, Toffees and chocolates in reserve