My electric recliner, after surgery
Support of other sufferers by joining a Facebook group, can help you feel less isolated
Good support from close friends and family
Help and care from the hospital nurses at St olavs Hospital in Trondheim
Ibuprofen gel
Inversion Table
Less stress
Yearly visit in Spezialklinik Neukirchen
Free healthcare and my family having a good drug plan
Eating healthy foods and drinking orange juice, lots of fruit...stay away from dairy products
Yoga: this has helped my mind
personal research into my condition
Regular Yoga
Diagnosed at 17, since then I work out 6 days a week keeping core strong and body flexible
Stress is the enemy. Just breathe and keep living.
Stay positive, keep doing what you enjoy doing, don't give up.
Strong medication for pains
My fusion operation
Acupuncture and chiropractor
Supportive husband and children
Diagnosis for HPU and start of new protocol
Having support
Pain relief
Exercise, no heavy lifting, resting, know your limits
finding progressive Dr willing to listen to me
Great doctors who don't "write you off" and never give up trying to figure out what's wrong
Massage from an experienced masseuse
A good nights sleep and exercise is your friend.
Stay fit, light exercise, and rest when you feel in major pain
Support from my closest family, and friends
Support groups
Tens machine
Diet change - no sugar, gluten, lots of veggies and protein
Stopped drinking alcohol
4 day rotation in food, avoiding food allergies identified via ALCAT test
Good non judgemental friends
Gentle walking