My family and friends understand that and fight with me
Support From Others
Getting out of a negative relationship
My kids keep me smiling
Final surgery in 2013 was an Intestinal Rehab.
New Doctors, new medication
Having my family to keep me strong and get me through the bad times
A bad accident in 1993!
Omaha Nebraska Medical Team
TPN, it’s kept me alive and have more energy
I was in hands of good Professors, Doctors and complete medical team
Positive vibes and thoughts
Being with friends and family
Talking with people about our condition
Getting out and socializing
Finding the right Dr.'s can be a challenge
Unrestricted diet
My granddaughter
Omeprazole..... it's a god send
My wife always fights with me.
My family helped my fight
Support from the hospital staff
Support of my family and friends including their fights and prayer for me
Having positive people around
Not being sick and I'm hospital
live normally as you can :)
My Hobbies keep my busy
I'm still trying to find my way with food
Enjoy gardening to increase vitamin D
My family
Fodmap diet
Sticking to a low fat low fibre high protein high carb diet. Helped me build up and regain power over weight loss
16 hours infusion every day.
DE Keating and staff and St Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids Iowa
My dad, who has been my greatest champion
Trials and and errors kept me moving and alive
Eating and adequate feeding
Being with the Lord Jesus Christ and following I'm him