Low Dose Naltrexone
My dogs
finally being able to work part time with special needs young adults.
IVIG ( Intravenous GammaGlobulin ) 5X/ month
Cutting out caffeine
Patience with myself
Finally getting a diagnosis, receiving treatment.
I started using the Lifewave Patches
Amount of water I drink
Joining an online support group
Learning to think about things I can do not the things I cant
Refalen is erasing the swelling in my Achilles' tendons
Autologous serum drops; restatis drops; idrop drops and lots of omega help keep my eyes managable most days
Finding a brilliant opthamologist who was willing to connect the dots to diagnose Sjogrens
Autoimmune paleo diet
Gluten-Free Diet
Medicnal Marijuana oil
A strong determination to live positively.
My dry eyes is bad,,i use Rystane drops off and on all day..
Going to John Hopkins
Always have 3 bottles of water at hand at all times.
Good attitude
gluten free, low sugar diet
eating well as much as possible
Crocs!! I can't wear socks or regular shoes. These have enabled me to be able to go out!
Eat whole foods
Split the day in half. Take a nap, then start my day over.
Keeping yourself busy doing what your body allows you to do, charties are a great way you can help from home
Gluten-free diet
Punctum plugs changed my life.
Joining support groups and knowing your not alone
My mum's vege dishes
hot baths
"mind over matter" just keep plugging along
Nutrition low protein low sodium lo carbs whole foods
an experimental treatment from Korea made a major difference in my life
Está sendo primordial o amor do meu marido e da minha filha, cuidamos um do outro com muito carinho.
Leer mucho sobre la enfermedad y sus características.
Cleveland Clinic Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence
A wonderful team of doctors with different specialties who consulted each other to come up with diagnosis.
Not focussing too hard on gaining back the life I had before diagnosis