Stories of Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction stories
Hi all.  Started to get very very unwell and got severe symptoms just two weeks after Gallbladder removal in October 2016. I get very bad flare ups which include extreme pain and vomiting. Each time a flare up happens, I end up in hospital with...
Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction stories
I'll never forget Dec 2007, thought I was just having bad gas pains on my upper right side. Went and got Tums, the pain subsided but never went away. Saw a GI and then he referred me to a General Surgeon who thought it was my Gall Bladder. After goin...
Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction stories
I initially became ill in March 2007, I woke up in excruciating pain and couldn't stop vomiting. I didn't improve over the next 24 hours so went to the doctor who sent me straight to A&E. At first they diagnosed gallstone and had keyhole surgery...
Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction stories
At 4 years old i was diagnosed with a gall stone. This was very rare I was also born jaundiced. Over my childhood i was constantly on antibiotics.  Surgeons wanted to remove my gallbladder at 6 years old but my mother decided not too. I am wheat and...
Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction stories
Hi there,  this journey goes a way back to 1995 without knowing .  All I knew that after my first C- section that I had a lot of pain that would take hold causing me screaming pain.  Figured that it was air trapped , I never had surgery before so ...

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