Stories of Stiff Person Syndrome

Stiff Person Syndrome stories
I am a 68 year old male, born in Scotland but live in Sydney Australia who has lived with back problems since 1973, mid 1986 while holidaying in Oregon I went white water rafting on the Rogue River on an inner tube, unfortunately I was thrown off and...
Stiff Person Syndrome stories
I was misdiagnosed with Lupus in 2009 and finally got the correct diagnosis through GAD testing in Oct 2015. My neurologist, who specializes in SPS, Dr. Machado in Conn is the reason I am alive today along with my children and my husband and family. ...
Stiff Person Syndrome stories
Symptoms started very gradually during/after first and only pregnancy in 2004. Full blown symptoms, including stiffness, drooping eyelids and soft palette, vertigo, dizziness, and altered gait by 2008. Diagnosed first with Myasthenia Gravis, and then...
Stiff Person Syndrome stories
2009- infectious mononucleosis 2010 - diffuse toxic goiter 2011- endocrine ophthalmopathy 2013 - diabetes type 1 2013 - thyroidectomy 2014 - c-section 2015 - SPS
Stiff Person Syndrome stories
My name is Stacy Mayle and I'm 47 years old. I was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) 4 years ago, after developing symptoms at age 37. It took 10 years to diagnose since it is such a rare disorder. Causing the muscles in my body to become st...

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13 people with Stiff Person Syndrome have taken the SF36 survey. Mean of Stiff Person Syndrome is 1173 points (33 %). Total score ranges from 0 to 3,600 being 0 the worst and 3,600 the best. Take the SF36 Survey

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