How I came to find out about having haemochromotosis


How I came to find out about having haemochromotosis

By Natalie 20 1 year ago

Until March 2016 I did not know I had haemochromotosis, but the signs and symptoms have been there for three years chronic fatigue, aching joints, lack of libido and at times crankier than normal being a working mum of two teenage girls and a wife of a not very appreciative husband. I always put it down to repetitive heavy lifting and long hours at my job which I used to love and my depression which I was diagnosed with in 2003 but I now know is also a symptom of this hereditary condition which is not widely known about by most people but is quite common around the world! 

I have had two venesections and each day is different as to how I feel except for the tiredness which is something that I always am even if I have a full nights sleep and have now come to realise that the work I do does not help in anyway and now have to look at something different workwise to be able to feel a bit more normal whatever normal may be as I have felt so bad for so many years.

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