My story of HH


My story of HH

By Charmaine 20 1 year ago

I was feeling sick and went to my GP, who said I need some ferritin tablets and calsuim, well I got it and drank it , like my Gp told me, the following day I started icthing, then it sarted out with big red marks on my arms and all over my body, phoned the GP, told me to stop, the ferritin tablets, (iron) , then we realized it is an allergic reaction, then I though seeing that the dr said I must get iron into my body, I made myself some beetroot juice, well I drank it, and it was not an half an hour, then everything come out, went to another dr, told her everything and she send me for blood test, came back I have HH, my son was tested, and he is a carrier. Although I have HH, all my test for iron, ferritin etc, is low, so if a dr, looks at my results h/ she tells me I must be glad my levels are all low, nothing wrong with me, but my question is, if I have HH, why is all my levels high, I do not go for phleps, but yet everything stays low.  Still got no answer to my questions, about at the end of march I was sitting at work, not feeling to well, then I started with pins & needles in my hand, went up into my arms, then into my face, then I got sceared, my son took me to hospital, he had to carry me into the ER. I could not move,  was in hospital for 4 days, had all CT scans done, could not find anything wrong, so I just carry on from day to day, and do what I can, and have excepted that I am sick, but need to carry on, cant sit back and do nothing,I am enjoying every moment of everyday to the most.

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