Is STXBP1 hereditary?

Here you can see if STXBP1 can be hereditary. Do you have any genetic components? Does any member of your family have STXBP1 or may be more predisposed to developing the condition?

Is STXBP1 hereditary?
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From My understanding no it is not but if a parent has the mutation it can be passed down but there’s not evidence of it being hereditary

Posted Jun 24, 2018 by Jaylenesmommy 2500

Is STXBP1 hereditary?

STXBP1 life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with STXBP1?

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Celebrities with STXBP1

Celebrities with STXBP1

Is STXBP1 contagious?

Is STXBP1 contagious?

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ICD9 and ICD10 codes of STXBP1

ICD10 code of STXBP1 and ICD9 code

Natural treatment of STXBP1

Is there any natural treatment for STXBP1?

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Living with STXBP1

Living with STXBP1. How to live with STXBP1?

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History of STXBP1

What is the history of STXBP1?

STXBP1 symptoms

Which are the symptoms of STXBP1?

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World map of STXBP1

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Stories of STXBP1

STXBP1 stories
Kyle had symptoms from birth- difficulty feeding, severe reflux, hypotonia, exaggerated startle, and missed developmental milestones. His seizures started at 9 months of age. He went on to develop Parkinsonism (tremor, ataxia). When he would get s...
STXBP1 stories
The beginning of this year has been by far the most difficult for my family... the year started off amazing with the birth of our second babygirl Jaylene but quickly our happy blissful moment turned into the biggest fear of our lives when Jaylene beg...
STXBP1 stories
We just got the news after genetic testing that our beautiful 3 year old has Stxbp1. We noticed at 3 months she was not developing like her twin sister and her older brother had developed. She made some gains at 5 months then seemed to regress so we ...

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