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Takayasus Arteritis symptoms

Which are the worst symptoms of Takayasus Arteritis?

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Is Takayasus Arteritis contagious?

Is Takayasus Arteritis contagious?

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Takayasus Arteritis diagnosis

How is Takayasus Arteritis diagnosed?

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Takayasus Arteritis treatments

What are the best treatments for Takayasus Arteritis?

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Stories of Takayasus Arteritis

Takayasus Arteritis stories
I was diagonsed in 2010 but I think I had it many years before this, very crippling disease but continue fighting and trying to stay positive. great hospital and doctor support.
Takayasus Arteritis stories
  I just felt unwell with: fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, slight fever. If the headaches became unbearable I went to doctor. The pain was on the bottom left side of the skull. Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) was clean. I got the diagnosis i...
Takayasus Arteritis stories
My 17 year old daughter was just recently diagnosed with TAK.  After seeing 3 doctors in 8 days for severe pain, finally took her to the ER where they ran the CT, diagnosed her with vasculitis and transferred us to children's hospital.  Aft...
Takayasus Arteritis stories
My wife was diagnosed with TAK in 2012. She had a heart attack and was in ICU for 7 days. We flew her to The Cleveland Clinic to see Dr. Gary Hoffman. He saw all her MRI's and Ct Scans. He agreed with her diagnoses. She stands strong and doesn't let ...
Takayasus Arteritis stories
I Just know it 1 week. So there is less to tell jet. I find it hard to except on the moment.

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