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Tetralogy Of Fallot advice

Which advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed wit...

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Tetralogy Of Fallot diet

Is there a diet which improves the quality of life of people with Tet...

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Tetralogy Of Fallot jobs

Can people with Tetralogy Of Fallot work? What kind of work can they p...

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Is Tetralogy Of Fallot hereditary?

Is Tetralogy Of Fallot hereditary?

Stories of Tetralogy Of Fallot

Tetralogy Of Fallot stories
Tetralogy Of Fallot stories
Open heart surgery full repair in 1986 Open heart tricuspid valve repair and pulmonary valve replacement 2006 Ablation for SVT. ICD implanted 2014 Ablation for V-fib 2017
Tetralogy Of Fallot stories
My wife and I had Cam after 3 miscarriages. We were blessed on 3/8/17 with him. I had never heard of TOF before we found out. Its been scary but we are ready to stand string together. You can see more at
Tetralogy Of Fallot stories
Our 20 week scan... the day that shook our happy ever after pregnancy. Our twins Florence Ivy and Nancy Rose were the icing on the cake for our family, the babies that would blend our 2 families together.  At Our scan we were told twin 2'...
Tetralogy Of Fallot stories
My son was born with tetralogy of fallot in 2013,  he had a central shunt at 6 days old  due to server tet spells then had his repair at 6 months old.   he is now 4 years old and will eventually need a pulmonary valve replacement.  

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