Acupuncture changed my life.
Implanting a neurostimulator.
Neurologist, Primary care & pain mgmt involvement
Microvascular decompression surgery
Having online support
Pain medication
I was on high doses of Tegretol, Gabapentin and Tizanidine. They helped until they didn't and I had an MVD.
Finding a cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia
A great neurologist and Gp who trust me with managing my medication, increasing and decreasing as appropriate and who both listen to me and discuss instead of telling me that they are God.
Surgery despite the risks posed by my other health conditions
Lamotrogiene seemed to help a little with pain
35 years of nursing helps me feel better. Kind of ironic isn't it a life of helping others get better, helps me now.
Mvd operation 1 year after my TN started. No TN since. Only mild occipital neuralgia now
Anti-inflammatory diet initially--seemed to reduce the frequency a flare ups a little
Cutting out caffeine
My kids help me...
Doing less stressful work
handwarmers helt to my face in a soft mitt.
I am now TNnME New Zealand Regional Manager.
A wonderful family.
Botox every three months
Lots of rest. if I feel tired or foggy go to bed and rest.
Began using cannabis therapy one year ago. Was in a bad place; not driving; heavily medicated. Now? Back driving. Off three prescription pain meds.Reduced main medication by more than 2/3rds... Cannabis gave me my life back!
Eating a low saturated fat, no more than 10 gtrams per day helped to ease my TN pain
Cayenne pepper cream is my go to when my meds won't cut it.
Proper management of meds
Ametop and Emla anaesthetic cream
Nice fluffy heating pad.
Surgery. MVD
Direct heat
My incredible acupuncturist
A good GP who diagnosed me immediately
Botox and Nerve Blocks, massage, Tegretol, Sumatriptan
Micro vascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia
Haven't found that thing yet drug wise, Duloxetine for now, let's see...
Online found support group for TN
Found a great neurologist
tramadol has made a difference in my quality of life
Physical therapy, daily exercise
horse are my therapist , my physio and lower my pain better than morphine. o do pain mangement too
Having an MVD!
during a large attack i take decadron, toradol, zophran, prednison and diloted