Story about Vasculitis .

Vasculitis Journey

Dec 30, 2015

Had cough, colds and fever way back in 2009 after a month long camping activity at school. I was brought to the hospital and was told it was a just a regular systemic viral infection. I was given shots of IV antibiotics and lozenges for my throat. But after being discharged i noticed small purpuric pinpoint red rashes on both my legs.

From then on my vasculitis journey and search for cure happened. It took almost after 3 yrs to get a specific diagnosis which is "Henoch Schönlein Purpura/ allergic vasculitis". I've been given lots of oral steroids, methotrAxate and other medicines. Which gave me another set of problems because it only weakend my immune system causing me to contract a lung infection.

For now (end of 2015) my signs and symptoms of purpura rashes, pain in the legs and swelling would relapse and come back from time to time. I notice it appears everytime my immune system gets low.

hope to find a definite cure for this asap

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