Příběh o Panhypopituitarism .

Congenital Panhypopituitarism / Lack of energy to life

4. 1. 2019

Po: Chimera

Rok stanovení diagnózy: 1980

I am 45 years old, I work hard enough, although I am often tired to death, I suffer from apathy and depression and insomnia and muscular weakness, I have blackouts, it worsens my imagination, what I have always had at a high level. I'm an introvert. My birth was in trouble. They hauling me out, but I was turned to them with my butt. This is indicative of my clear view of the world. I guess I knew what was going to be. I was born apparently completely suffocating. I think there will be a reason for my invisible diagnosis somewhere. I didn't grow...
At the age of seven, it was clear that something was wrong.(There's still something wrong.) At the age of fifteen, physical puberty had forgotten somewhere... For many years I have only waited, but the body has not changed. The mind changed ...to the worse. My illness darkens thinking, concentration, stamina and my will. Fighting windmills is so tired... But it has to be fought.

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