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We connect people who are suffering from different conditions to help them find suggestions from others who also suffer; to make their lives better. Diseasemaps helps make connections with others who understand so we can help each other through:

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Share your story. Your experience can help others.

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We want to map all people and organizations whose aim is to help people with chronic and rare diseases and other syndromes and conditions

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Do you know of a disease, syndrome or condition that Diseasemaps is missing? Please let us know the name of the disease/condition along with some information about it so we can add it to Diseasemaps as soon as possible. We want to make this platform as useful as possible by adding a large number of conditions.

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Would you like diseasemaps translated into other languages? We have a collaborative translation system. You can help us translate the website into the language you want. Working together we can help a lot of people!

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Do you like the tools that diseasemaps offers to those in need of support and understanding of their disease/condition? Would you like to play a role in helping diseasemaps make a larger impact? Become an Ambassador of one or more conditions and help us spread the word about diseasemaps and help others gain the much-needed support they deserve. Spending some of your valuable time helping others you will no doubt help a lot of people discover ways to improve their lives.

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If you like what we do, you can help us to keep growing. We have a very clear mission and we do not want to rely on private companies that could disturb our purpose.

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