About Diseasemaps

Our mission:

Help people with chronic and rare diseases and other syndromes and conditions and spread awareness about them.

We connect people with chronic and rare diseases and other syndromes and conditions using maps. We want to spread awareness about these conditions and show people who suffer these diseases/conditions that they are not alone. There are thousands of people living a similar situation willing to help others to find a way to get better.

Pablo Belmonte Pablo Belmonte

Pablo Belmonte


Fighting against Lyme disease since 2006. Trying everyday to make this world a little bit better. Industial Engineer living between a bed and a couch dedicates his whole potential to diseasemaps.

Elisa Ainoza Elisa Ainoza



Living with Crohn disease since 2014. Fighting every day against her disease and trying to help others in a similar situation. She manages the diffusion of diseasemaps. People and travel lover.

Pablo Minguez Pablo Minguez

Pablo Mínguez


Industrial Engineer, project management professional and committed with social purposes.

Raquel Raquel


Medical Advisor

Biomedical engineer. She controls the medical contents of the web. She manages the addition of new diseases and conditions and improves the existing ones. She loves helping people.



Community manager

Environmental sciences. She loved diseasemaps since she first saw it. She spreads diseasemaps through facebook, twitter, forums.



Content manager

Books and films lover. Master's degree in editing and publishing, He is always ready to create new contents about whatever you need. He spends his time surfing the net to improve diseasemaps.

Fernando Fernando


Business Advisor

Industrial Engineer and MBA. He supports the team in shaping the business growth and looking for funding.

Margareth Pérola


Portuguese translator

Veronika Friedrich


German translator

Jürgen Schmidtlein


German translator

Zuzanna Wawro


Polish translator



French translator

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Diseasemaps does not get funds from any external company or any other sources. The platform has been created with our own financial resources, which are very limited. Lots of hours of work, a bunch of enthusiasm and the altruistic help of collaborators and translators have been necessary to develop this project.

Our growth has been limited due to little funding, however not having external funding has allowed us not to have to depend on anybody and we've had total freedom to create and manage diseasemaps.org to accomplish our goal:

Help people with chronic and rare diseases, other syndromes and conditions, spread awareness about them and boost their research

In May 2015 DiseaseMaps.org launched its first map to connect people with Lyme Disease. Its founder had been diagnosed with this disease a few months earlier and he felt so lonely that he decided to create a map to find people in the same situation as himself. The lack of support he found when suffering a non-frequent disease encouraged him, day after day, to improve the map and meet the demands for creating other DiseaseMaps that people from all over the world had suggested.

Step by step new features have been included in the platform to make it more useful. One year later, diseasemaps.org had 500 maps of medical conditions, almost 100.000 users and it was translated into 7 languages. Fast forward to 2017, diseasemaps now has 814 medical conditions added to offer support for those suffering each medical condition and is growing daily.

We are open to hearing any collaboration or funding proposals that could help us achieve our goal. We will be happy to hear from you.