Story about Carotid Artery Dissection .

Carotic dissection

Feb 15, 2016

By: Tina


I was dagnossed on jan 13-2013 with R I CAD. I though I was going down with a cold, as I woke up in the middle of the night with a totally bocked nose, but wasn't feeling sick. I had a aural vision on my right eye the Day before, plus pulsating tinitus in my r ear. Duribg the weekend I was having a headache that increased an got worse, My husband noticed my r pupil was smaller than the left, and called a doctor, I wrnt to see him, and was told to go to a hospital in another city, My husband drove me.

I had an Mr scan the following morning where I was diagnosed with spontaneus R I CAD and my BP was very high 230/110 I stayed in hospital for two weeks, and was sent home to rest until cad Healed after four mths.

During summertime 2014 I was having problems with earaches and was sent for another scan, this time I wad diagnosed with Billateral I cad. I had severel test an All came back negative. Doctors where digusting wheter I had the BILL CAD ore not, five doctirs, three of them thought I didn't an two said I did. Vety confusing.

I'm on BP meds and clopidogrel for life. So very Lucky and Happy I didn't have a stroke.

All the best 


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