A high dose, at least 720 mg, of Verapamil per day . Greatly reduces the number of pain attacks, and comes with just as distinctive side-effects. • Oxygen for respiration via a mask in order to alleviate the intensity of attacks and shorten their duratio
Zolmitriptan Naratriptan Sauerstoff
Sauerstoff als Akutbehandlung
Mir helfen Ascotop und Sauerstoff sehr gut bis jetzt.
Sauerstoff, AscoTop
Strong coffee, energy drinks
Willingness to be unable to work. If you can't do it, you can't do it, and it's really important to take a break. Slaving away until you collapse is counterproductive.
Meine Familie Selbsthilfegruppe
Red Bull
Auf Nüsse verzichten und auf Pilz
Meine Familie und insbesondere meine Freundin helfen mir sehr viel dabei um mit der Krankheit klar zu kommen.
Meine Familie
Good logistics for prescriptions, medications, and oxygen. • Yoga helps me find peace and happiness within myself. • My bicycle was always my best therapist and it will continue to be so. While cycling I can contemplate and reflect in peace, or maybe enjo
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Histaminarme Ernährung
Ascotop nasal
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Histaminfreie Ernährung