Steroids, PHMB & Chlorhexidine
Steroids, PHMB & Chlorhexidine
Being around being who love you
Take the drops as often as your Dr prescribes you to take them
12 surgeries but see the positive in it rather than negative it will make you more determined to conquer
Live day by day but try to wrap your brain around the idea that this could be a long journey.
Started with chloorhexidine 0,02% eyedrops stopped the proces of becoming worse
Family support and understanding
Joining a wonderful AK support group.
The doctors at Moorfields were very thorough and caring
ik heb ondersteuning gehad via vriendin Orthomoleculaire therapie
AK Facebook Forum to connect with other amazing people all over the world who really understand what this is like and offer real education, caring and support to each other.
Using 0.02%PHMB eye drops every hour with a 6 hour break at night
Leicester Royal Infirmary
Support from my husband and a great fb group "Acanthameoba keratitis"
Surgery on 3/23/16, to clean out eye and place a new cornea saved my eye.
Having a positive outlook on the situation is very important and helpful to have!
Neomyacin (and after growing sensitized, stopping the neomyacin) for AK
Perseverance family and friends support
Ice Pacs
Ice Pacs
Accepting what is, is. Do what makes you feel better. If you don't want to go out, don't go out
Take pain killers as often as you can to help with pain
Always use the drops as directed. Sometimes I had 8 at a time every hr.
This is not just an eye infection. It will wipe you out. Your entire body needs lots of rest. It is a serious illness.
Using the drug Tramadol to relief the pain
Fantastic consultant team
Talking to close friends and family.
My friends came to the hospital appointments to me
mijn twee kinderen met hun school en uitjes hielden mij op de been
Pain managment courtesy of prof pain management team
Getting plenty of rest when I can
Support system
Pain relief every 4 hours
Friends and family giving me rides to doctor and staying with me when I couldn't be alone.
Strong support group, family, friends, support group, etc; is also vital to continue to fight this nasty disease.
Chlorhexidine Gluconate & PHMB for AK
Medication and Moorefields Eye Hospital
Buddhist Mantras and rest
Buddhist Mantras and rest
Be patient as you could be taking drops and other medication for a while.
There is a light at the end of tunnel hard to see and believe because of pain but never give up because you will be a stronger person. 5 yrs, 12 surgeries and finally starting to get sight back.
Make sure you stick to your drop schedule. It is awful, but it is the only way to improve and heal.