My mom and dad being there for me always
A hospital and Nero team that's experienced in these diagnosis
Yoga and Pilates helped me so much especially with my bladder and smaller muscles
Going to camp to meet others who have ADEM
IVIG gave me the most positive results.
La meditación
My family being supportive
Steroid via IV for 5 days
Gluten free diet has helped me also
Finding a doctor who actually understand
Occupational Health & the HR dept at work
Physical therapy was crucial in regaining my mobility.
Good diet
El apoyo de mis hijas y familiares
Praying to God and going to Church
My family's and friends constant support and positive thinking. I encourage meditation too.
When my preschool teacher brought me a teddy bear
The myelitis & MS societies & support groups
Taking time off to relax and recuperate helped me heal emotionally and physically.
Resting when needed
Seguir cuidando mi alimentación