I am a two times ARDS survivor and believe in miracles:)
The entire team of docters that persistently worked on me
I survived ARDS but am now struggling every day.
Trying different doses of medicine to find that right mix
Prednisone has been my nemesis, but also a miracle cure.
Murine typhus started this ordeal
Look at your glass as half full not half empty.
Counseling for PTSD
My Husband never left my side, neither did my family!
Everyday I hope will be a day that I won't need meds for pain, cough,mucus and tremors. But so far that isn't happening!!!
Being positive and acceptance
Joining an exercise class
My husband is here to help and support me.
Husband takes care of me on bad days
Listening to my body and rest when I need to.
Volunteer, Volunteer & Volunteer. It is important to give back!
CPAP machine
God almighty and all the thousands and thousands of prayers that went up in my behalf.
I am on oxygen 24/7 because my lungs were damaged thanks to ARDS.
Luminosity, language, work
Being determined and stay positive
A little exercise every day, even if it's a little walk, really helps.
Moved to arrid climate
Trying to find a diet to help me lose weight.