I have adenoid cystic carcinoma
Listening to my doctor's, yet being my own health advocate, has improved my quality of life because it is my body. And that gives me power.
Great Doctors
Diagnosed - November 2013
Finding an awesome support group to talk to and learn from.
I have a strong faith in God
37 rounds of radiation.
Having a great support network of family and friends.
I got a bottle of Mugard which made the pain from my mouth sores tolerable.
Support, love, hugs and encouragement from my daughter and parents
I'm a College Baseball player and a Christian and I will fight this disease with everything I have.
Follow the directions of doctors, mainly those with experience in the oncology field
So far my symptom is Trigeminal neuralgia
My husband is a huge support, as are my siblings. My parents have passed but were great when I was first diagnosed.
Loving Husband and Friends
Maxillectomy - December 2013
Having support and love from my son and my family.
I have a great family for support
Surgical removal.
Hugs from my wife and daughter
Having two great physician assistant that help me balance my pain medications. A great shoutout to Greg and Maggie.
Talking about it with people who understand what it's like to go through life changing experiences
Moja mama przyjaciele
God, family, and friends are my strength.
Keeping active as much as possible: family, work, socializing, personal passions. Focusing on what I can do and not what I can't do
I'm still waiting for treatment. RT
Staying active and concentrating not on what I can't do anymore but what I CAN do.
Attitude to Live
Radial Free Flap Reconstruction - September 2014
My amazing family doctor who found my tumor and then proceeded to educate himself on ACC so that he could treat me effectively in conjunction with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
I had many people praying for me
Having person outside of my friends and family to talk with
The fact that I still enjoyed the taste of Boost and I could keep calories going in when nothing else would work.
Nature walks
Spełnianie małych marzeń
Taking a holistic approach including Radiation therapy, alkaline diet, exercise, and other adjunctive therapy approaches.
The love of my wife and daughter. As long as she was there, my mom's love was, and still is, a great help