Positive thinking
Finding the right doctors, with ACC a specialist is absolutely needed.
Family and friends that went to every appointment, asking questions and would not leave me.
I use promethazine and zofran combo for nausea
Dr. Gary D. Hammer, Dr. Barbra Miller, Dr. Jolly and Dr. Moffett - UofMichigan and UofLouisville
Further surgery
God and family
My family and friends
Faith in God
My Doctors were amazing
Oncologist at Nashville tn
Positive Attitude
Help for My pain.
I wish I did feel better..but I dont
Flax oil budwig no gluten wheat dairy sugar
Lots of rest.
Bio Medical Center
My faith
Finding the ACC Facebook group
Finding the ACC Facebook group
Praise God for Drs Thomas Schwaab & Yendamuri @ Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Removing a three pound tumor gave me a great deal of relief.
A positive attitude.
Immunotherapy is much easier than chemotherapy
Reading all I can find about this disease but information is scarce
je suis épaulé par mon mari
Plant based diet
Plant based diet
I had and still have psychotherapy, wich is very helpful to cope with.
Support group
A mother that fought for me, stayed with me and fussed at me when I needed it.
My Wife & Daughter
im always with my husband and son makes me happy to still be alive. And reminds me that life is still worth living!!
Support from my Wife and Family
Radio therapy
Drinking Protein Water
My support group
Excellent oncologist
My faith
Mitotaine meds
My husband yells when i don't eat