Having my pituitary tumour removed successfully.
glutithione supplements
Switching from Prednisone to Hydrocortisone reduced side effects.
Adrenal cocktail (OJ+Himalayan Salt+Cream of tartar)
Full hysterectomy plus oopherectomy
Cortisol replacement, and circadian dosing thereof
Cuidar mi nutrición.
A comprehensive treatment plan with permanent nebulised antibiotics, bronchodilators and 6% saline. Excellent chest physio plans.
Low dose naltrexone, temazepam, tizanidin, bisoprolol, acetylsalicylic acid, DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA, progesterone cream, B12 supplements, iron + megadosing vitamin C, magnesium citrate, MCT oil, Cod liver oil, zinc picolinate, trace minerals
Sleeping upright in a recliner is the only way I can sleep now.
My family are my rock
Learning to deal with the daily challenges my medical condition gives me.
doing "No Contact" with my narcissistic abuser
Restful & Plentiful Sleep
Eating enough protein
I became a patient at the Swedish Pituitary Center.
Vitamin B-complex
Oestrogen and progesterone HRT
Descansar cuando es necesario, respetar mis tiempos.
My partner relieving of the mundane household chores which I would not carry out and organising my appointments and social calendar.
My significant other
Being in support groups
I will always keep fighting
Adhering to health routines/medications
HC 3xday and Fludro 1xday
Living life to the maximum.
finding a specialist well versed in environmental medicine
Rest, rest, rest
I started HGH injections and regularly maintain testosterone injections.
Vitamin C
bupropion was amazing before diagnosis- helped me move and speak again
Realizar ejercicio.
Joining a "singing for health" group and a walking group.Cinema.
My will to survive
Finding a good doctor
I never take anything in life for granted