GF Diet
Patience with myself
a full diagnosis
4 years of IGIV sometimes 6 months, sometimes once a month, i also have Myasthenia Gravis and Dysphasia
Time and Love with my pets
Neurostimulator; I have two (upper body and lower body)
i have yet to find what is going to work for me. Medications wise. We are doubling my Remicade to 10 mg this week.
Getting the right medication after 15 years
Staying on my meds as prescribed
Losing decent amount of weight improved self esteem.
Sertraline once a day
Iodine, mainly from potassium iodide
Be positive
Knowing what I can control and letting go of everything else.
para com a diarréia e mal estares
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
Vivre leplus possible mon moment présent plutôt que mon passé
Validation. Being believed and diagnosed by medical professionals.
Lose Weight
Family is most important to me. My husband and daughter.
Eating Little to no Salt
I never used to go outside, but somehow got Lyme disease (people tell me that I study too much)
B12 injections for pernicious anemia
I have 4 boys!
My husband helps me stay strong
Low dose naltrexone, temazepam, tizanidin, bisoprolol, acetylsalicylic acid, DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA, progesterone cream, B12 supplements, iron + megadosing vitamin C, magnesium citrate, MCT oil, Cod liver oil, zinc picolinate, trace minerals
Mac Kenzie physiotherapy
Lactose Reduced Diet
Research I have done to understand my conditions
My supportive husband and brother who moved from ct to help keep me happy
Extra layers in bed
Lyrica. This was a godsend in not only lowering pain but helping me to get off some of the meds I was taking
Why don't other people even family understand the severity of this disease and what it does to the body??
Support of family and friends
Nice Doctors
Follow up with all Dr appointments
Friends that are always there for me
My husband that supports me and helps me with everything.
ibuprofen, warm showers, tramadol, voltaren gel
Making my own songs
Magnesium, from Epsom salts