Surgery, graft and pacemaker
I won't let my head end me living already
Family, being able to talk about the condition, having the support in place
Walking and working out
Cardiac rehab helped.
Adopting an optimistic and growth based mindset.
Stopped smoking
Stopped smoking
5,7cm ThoracoAbdominal Aortic Aneurysm discovered 11/26/2018
cardiac rehab realy helped gain confidence back
My positive attitude really helps me cope on the bad days.
Medicines and learning about my rare disease
At least I know I have it
Supportive family.
Consistent Mediterranean diet and middle distance running.
Stopped taking Pax.
Stopped taking Pax.
Complete Open Repair with fenestrated graft on 12/18/2018 at Christ Advocate Hospital
my wife/family
Family support
oddly knowing that my time may be limited has helped me value life even more.
Eating controlled and walking in the woods
Let me live my best life untill I need the operation
Remember to take a deep breath from time to time.
Try to keap my diet as healthy as possible.
Try to keap my diet as healthy as possible.
Chiropractic care for pain management
Aortic dissection buddies uk/ireland
My surgeon
Experiencing the kindness of people who really care for me.